Poem for Louis

20mn43, France, ESRA Paris, 2010.

Starring Guillaume Pottier, Fanny Sidney, Jean-Michel Portal et Jean-Claude Bouillon.

Erik is a classical music composer (piano). Despite his son's deafness, he writes him a study in order to teach him to play the piano. Four years after his father's death, Louis lives with his girlfriend Anna who is deaf too. But a car accident turns their life upside down : Anna remains safe, but everything changes for Louis, he gains the sense of hearing. Then Louis neglects his relationship with his girlfriend in order to rediscover the world, as the music sheet that his father left him. He will be helped all-along this rediscovery by Francois, the man who was involved in the car accident, and with whom he will become friend.


ESRA Paris 2010 Professional jury, chaired by Mr Claude Lelouch
- Best film award
- Best screenplay award
- Best editing award
- Best soundtrack award
- Best original music