A Frozen Man

18mn28, France, self-produced, 2016.

With Gabriel Dufay, Stéphanie Moussu, Frédéric Kneip, Elisabeth Hagotd et Frédéric Klein.

Matthias suffers from an unknown disease. He loses the senses of touch, taste and smell. He also loses his faculty to feel emotions: from now on, nothing matters to him. An unexpected encounter will shake this frozen man.

Assistant director : Jean-Baptiste Becq
Continuity supervisor : Malika Ferrara
Director of photography : Leo MacDougall
Camera assistant : Rémi Monedi
Gaffer : Bertrand Prévot
Best boy : Jonathan Labbé
Sound operators : Maxime Berland and Bastian Paumier
Sound mixer : Maxime Berland
Set designer : Julien Renard
Location manager : Charlotte de Montmarin
Assistant location manager : Emeline Roche
Make-up artist : Emilie Warisse
Editor : Rémi Monedi
Color grader : Jérémie Pouchard
FX artist : Rémi Monedi
Making-of : Steven Monteau
Set photographer : Charlotte Croisile
Original music : Steven Doman
Violons by Lise Duprey

"Silent Night" interpreted by Isabel Sorling